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This is a scene game.  
This is a scene game.  

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[edit] Category

This is a scene game.

[edit] Number Of Players

This game is for four people. One person stands off to the side as "Charlie".

[edit] Suggestions Taken

The suggestion taken is often an activity for the three people on stage to be doing.

[edit] How It Is Played

Three people are doing something while waiting for their friend Charlie. They begin talking about him/her while waiting and mention his/her strange characteristics. This can be physical, mental, or personality quirks. Whenever the person playing Charlie has enough characteristics they enter the scene embodying the characteristics named.

[edit] Tips For Performance

  • Begin talking about Charlie early in the scene, but justify it.
  • Get creative with characteristics named, but don't get mean. If your characteristic is overpowering it is too strong.
  • Try and include a variety of quirks, don't just name physical things but also personality quirks

[edit] Variants

  • Here Comes Vague Charlie is a variant in which Charlie, instead of being weird, is the most average person available. The quirks given are normal things that are stereotypical of average people.
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