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This game is an arc game.

Number of players

This game is traditionally played with 6-10 people with a host to read prompts.

Suggestions Taken

Unlike most short form improv games, suggestions for this game are not taken from the audience. A newspaper of some variety is to be acquired before the show. Headlines are then selected from this source to use as suggestions for this game.

How it is Played

The host will read a headline from the newspaper, such as "Greek life helps to retain freshmen". The players then step forward and take turns reenacting or providing alternative interpretations for those headlines. For example, a pair of performers may then step forward and one of them (a member of a fraternity) literally holds the other (a freshman) back from a delicious slice of pie.

Tips for Performance

  • The first performer should not hesitate to go for an obvious joke or interpretation. It's not always a show stopping joke, but it buys time for the other participants to think of other interpretations.
  • The performers should focus on finding creative ways to read the headlines. Using homophones is a must!
  • The host should switch to a new headline quickly, as there are only so many ways to spice up each headline.
  • The host should also try to choose headlines that lend themselves to variation.
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