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This is a guessing game

Number Of Players

This is for four players, one guesser and three patients

Suggestions Taken

Each of the three patients gets some sort of quirk. Often someone thinks they are a famous person, is afraid of something, loves something, or has a strange physical or mental quirk.

How It Is Played

One person is a therapist leading a group therapy session, however the therapist does not know what is wrong with each of the participants. The three patients must use subtle clues to clue in the therapist about what is strange about them. The guesser guesses in the scene, often by writing a prescription or telling the person their problem will be better explored next week.

Tips For Performance

  • If you are the therapist, don't be afraid to have a character yourself. You can be a distinct shrink, and that will be interesting for the audience.
  • Use therapy-themed questions. Ask about the dream journal you had a patient keep, about someone's mother, or how symptoms are progressing.
  • If a patient, don't be afraid to move around. This game is usually played with 4 chairs, but don't be confined by that. If you are Napoleon, conquer someone's chair and claim it as your own!
  • Keep clues subtle at first and get more overt if you feel that the therapist doesn't know who or what you are
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