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This game is a timed guessing game.

Number Of Players

This game is played with 4 players.

Suggestions Taken

Suggestions begin with a device or object for all three performers acting as customers. Each device is then given an alteration, some sort of quirk or problem for the Green Mechanic to fix. For example, one customer has a blender, but instead of chopping things up it sings opera.

How It Is Played

The Green Mechanic performer leaves the room while all the audience gives the suggestions and each customer performer gets a device with a problem. The Green Mechanic returns and opens his or her repair store. Each customer has one minute in the store to convey to the mechanic what their device is and what the problem is without saying explicitly those suggestions. At the end, the mechanic brings all three customers back and attempts to guess all the objects and problems.

Tips For Performance

  • For the customers, try to use the full minute and use exaggerated body language.
  • The mechanic should be constantly talking, using synonyms and describing his/her ideas for fixing the devices without explicitly stating their guesses.
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