Gavin "Motz" Pugh

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Gavin "Motz" Pugh joined the Ship of Fools in February 2010. The nickname "Motz" was bestowed upon him by committee due to his ability to conjure Mozzarella sticks from his pants, seemingly at will. In actuality, the mozzarella sticks in question had been put there earlier that night.

First Show

Motz's first show was the Riverside Bar & Grill on April 1st 2010.

Finding Gavin

Gavin can be distinguished from his Fool-ish peers by his medium stature and his dark hair... wait, that won't work.

Ummmmm... his blood type is O-. Maybe you could use that. Both to identify him and in case you need a blood transfusion.

Officer Positions

  • Social Chair (Absent): Fall 2010. Spring 2012. Fall 2012.
  • Social Chair (Present): Spring 2011 - Fall 2011. Spring 2013.

Improv Strengths and Weaknesses

Personal Life

Gavin majors in Mechanical Engineering at Purdue University and hopes, one day, to become Tony Stark. He hails from Dublin. Dublin, OH that is. He has a pet tribble named Super Muncher.

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