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Freeze is an arc game.

Number of players

This game is traditionally played with 6-10 people with a host to read suggestions throughout.

Suggestions Taken

Typically one suggestion is taken at the beginning that is either a relationship, location, or a random word.

How it is Played

Players stand in an arc facing the audience at the back of the stage, with two players standing in the center. The two in the center begin a scene, and continue until someone in the arc says "freeze". This person can either join the other two people or tag one performer out and take his/her exact physical position. Either way, the new performer begins an entirely new scene.

Tips for Performance

  • You do not have to have an idea before you enter the scene. The best scenes are not premeditated, but come from the position the performer finds him/herself in when they enter.
  • Listen to your partner. Always build on your partners ideas rather than negating them, because negating grinds a scene to a halt.


  • Blind Freeze - Performers face away from the audience when not in the current scene
  • Last Line Freeze - Performers who say "freeze" take the last line spoken instead of the last position
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