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This is a scene game.

Number Of Players

This game is for 3 players and the host

Suggestions Taken

A relationship, location, or profession should be taken as the suggestion

How It Is Played

Three people are in a scene (2 start and 1 enters later most times). At any time the host can yell out "Reverse" and the scene will then progress in reverse order. All actions are reversed and lines are said in reverse order. The host can also yell out "Forward" and the scene will progress forward with the same lines and actions as the first time.

Tips For Performance

  • Use short lines so that they are easy to remember
  • Don't talk over one another, it will just be repeated over and over
  • Try to perform lots of actions, especially those which will be amusing in reverse. Eating things, falling down, dropping things; these would all be amusing going backwards and will be funny to see played out
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