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Films Dubs is a scene game.

Number Of Players

4 players, two actors and two dubbers.

Suggestions Taken

Two suggestions are taken: - A foreign language (real or fictional) - A title for a foreign movie

How It Is Played

The two actors act out a scene from a foreign film, all of their dialogue in a foreign language. After each of their foreign lines, their respective dubber translates their line to English.

Tips For Performance

  • For the actors, make sure you allow your partner's dubber to translate their line before you respond in kind.
  • For the dubbers, the same fundamentals apply to you as do performers in normal improv games: don't ask questions, provide information, and PROJECT.
  • For actors, faking a foreign language doesn't need to be perfect. Russian, for example, can be faked with gibberish and insertion of words like "Kremlin," "borscht," and "Stalin."
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