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Eric "Beard" Talbert joined the Ship of Fools in the Fall of 2006. The nickname "Beard" was bestowed upon him by the Fools because of his incredibly manly facial hair. Along with Beard came childhood friend Andrew "Peace" Blatt. The two were inducted into the SoF because they showed great potential especially in certain improv games such as If You Know What I Mean. Steven "Angel Hair" Saltsman's family concluded, prior to introduction, that Eric be called Captain Weird Beard, and will accept no other name.

First Show

Eric's first show was the Earhart Hall Show on November 17th, 2006.


Beard rocked the internet world when he released a series of incredibly hilarious photos that were slightly altered to include prominent members of the Ship of Fools. They are now considered priceless art in cultured circles and regularly draw crowds beyond control. The Fools eagerly await the release of his next masterpiece.


Despite being an outwardly cheerful person, Beard is actually one of the angriest members of the Fools. It has been theorized that he actually derives a form of energy from this, running on repressed rage as a blast furnace might burn coal. This wrathful nature can best be seen during games of Bitch Concerto, in which Beard often erupts in a vicious torrent of bile and sarcasm, much to the amusement of the audience.


  • Winner of the Most Improv-ed Award (2007).
  • Able to scare off a table full of women in under 15 seconds.

Improv Strengths and Weaknesses

  • Favorite games: Bitch Concerto, If You Know What I Mean, Worlds Worst
  • Strengths: Sarcasm, innuendo, movement, bad accents, soul rending rage
  • Weaknesses: Inability to plan a scene, lack of knowledge of celebrities, soul rending rage, displaying an emotion other than rage.

Personal Life

Eric is double Majoring in Microbiology and Biochemistry at Purdue University, with a minor in Things Man Was Not Meant To Mettle In. He is from Kokomo, IN. He enjoys whiskey, martial arts training, long moonlit walks and quiet evenings spent with close friends. He has been known to write bad but heartfelt poetry.

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