Emotional Rollercoaster

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This is a scene game.
This is a scene game.

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[edit] Category

This is a scene game.

[edit] Number Of Players

This is a game for three players.

[edit] Suggestions Taken

Location, occupation, relationship, etc. is taken, along with several emotions.

[edit] How It Is Played

The three performers act out a scene as normal, at first. Periodically, the host calls out one of the emotions collected from the audience (happiness, anxiety, repression), and the performers have to continue their scene in that emotion. The emotions aren't cumulative, though. For instance, if the host calls out, "Anger!", then later, "Elation!", the performers must act elated, not angry and elated.

[edit] Tips For Performance

  • When incorporating the emotions, the performers should be sure to vary the degree to which they exhibit those emotions. For instance, if the emotion is sadness, all three performers should not be full-on weeping.
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