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This is a scene and a repetition game.

Number Of Players

This game is for four people.

Suggestions Taken

A location where a lot of activity would take place is taken as a suggestion.

How It Is Played

Four people perform a scene for one minute based on the given suggestion. After that minute, one person sits down and the three people remaining redo the scene while filling the gap left by the person who left. A second person leaves, and so on until only one person remains performing all the actions themselves.

Tips For Performance

  • Look for markers in the scene. The key points in the scene that must be performed. Some actions are sometimes lost in the repetition, but the markers must all remain to convey it being the same scene.
  • The decision of who is leaving is an entertaining choice, don't hesitate to fight for it but make it fast and in good fun.

Alternative Names

  • Countdown 2.0
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