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Q&A game.

Number Of Players

This game is for three people.

Suggestions Taken

The host fields questions from the audience to be answered by the players.

How It Is Played

The players line up side-by-side, and audience members ask questions them. They must answer the questions in sequence, one word at a time. The answer can be as long or as short as the players like. After a question is answered, the host fields the next one.

Tips For Performance

  • Although the answer can be as long or as short as the players like, it's generally preferred for the answers to be longer rather than shorter. One-word answers can be funny from time to time, but overuse of it gets old quickly and comes off as a cop-out.
  • Taking an unexpected route to answer certain questions is oftentimes more funny than giving the "expected answer". For instance, if asked, "Why did the chicken cross the road?", it's not all that entertaining to respond with, "to get to the other side."
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