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This game is a song game.

Number Of Players

This game is played with 6 to 8 players.

Suggestions Taken

Names are taken as suggestions in this game - typically one syllable names, alternating male and female names until the final round, which is a free for all.

How It Is Played

The performers line up in a row and perform a song in the style of the 1963 hit "Da Doo Ron Ron" by the Crystals. The first (stage right) person begins with a line like "I met him on a Sunday and his name was *suggestion*". The performers and the audience then sing along, "a do run run run, da do run run" and the second person sings a line that rhymes with the suggestion. The third performer follows in the same pattern except must provide three rhyming lines. When any performer breaks rhythm, cannot think of a rhyme, or uses a repeat (homophones are not allowed), they are eliminated. When this happens, the host calls them out and the audience lets them know by saying "aww SNAP!" and snaps their fingers. The game continues and speeds up until only one performer remains.

Tips For Performance

  • Avoid the name "Chuck"
  • If the suggestion has cycled through many many times, performers may intentionally get out to keep the game from dragging on.
  • Having a backup rhyme in mind is helpful in case the performer in front of you uses your idea.


  • Jew Run Run - this is a Jewish themed variant of Do Run Run created by Andy "Quasar" Ober. The lines move backwards (left to right) and between lines the audience and performers shout "oy vey!". Elimination is accompanied by a chant of "oy, it coulda been woyse!" (worse). Thematically appropriate names are common.
  • Do Rap Rap - this is a variant that replaces "a do run run" with "a do rap rap" and has a slightly edgier feel to it.
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