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This is a scene game.

Number Of Players

This game is for four people. One is the director, the others are their actors.

Suggestions Taken

A movie title is taken as a suggestion. This is usually obtained in the form of combining a movie and book title to make a new title

How It Is Played

One person is the director of a movie. The other three are the actors performing the movie. The scene begins with the director talking to the actors and telling them where in the movie to begin. The actors perform a short scene from the movie and the director yells "Cut!" and changes things the actors are doing. This could be motivation, the character themselves, or their situation. The actors then either start from a different place or redo the previous scene with the changes, based on what the director tells them.

Tips For Performance

  • If the director, be sure to provide guidance to the actors, especially before the first scene. Let them see your vision.
  • Listen to the director and incorporate the suggestions given to you
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