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Scene game
Scene game

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[edit] Category

Scene game

[edit] Number Of Players


[edit] Suggestions Taken

Title of play, topic, location, relationship, etc.

[edit] How It Is Played

Most commonly, the scene plays out with three players on scene and one off-stage. At some point one of the players will die in the scene (not having anything to do with the scene). The fourth person then enters and assumes the role of moving the character. The fourth player will move the limp character, who is limp as a rag doll, including turning head and motorizing jaw. They also speak the lines in the voice of the deceased. As the scene continues another player dies. Now the last original scene member can join in the moving of corpses, all the while continuing their own character. If the game goes long enough, the final scene initiator will also die.

[edit] Tips For Performance

  • Have lighter players die first. They're easier to move.
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