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Dating Game is a guessing game.

Number Of Players

Dating Game is played by four people, three suitors and a guesser.

Suggestions Taken

Thee suggestions are needed for this game. Each of these will pertain to the weird quirk or identity that is associated with each suitor. Suggestions for these include, but are not limited to:

  • Famous person (Real or Fictional)
  • Is going through some sort of physical change
  • Has something different about a part of their body
  • Thinks that someone else on stage is not who they say they are, but is...
  • Falling in love with something
  • A group of people

How It Is Played

The bachelor/bachelorette is tired of the single life and is looking for love. They have signed up for The Dating Game, but what they don't know is this is the low budget dating game, and each suitor has a weird quirk or identity. There will be two rounds of questions, and, if necessary, a lightning round where the bachelor/bachelorette can ask a third question to just one person or the entire group. At the end of the questions, they must say who they are not going home with because of whatever their quirk is, and who they are going home with, why, and what is their quirk.

Tips For Performance

  • When dropping clues, start off subtle and gradually get more obvious.
  • The bachelor/bachelorette should also create a character, it gives the suitors something to play off of.
  • Have fun when deciding who to go home with. Make a pun, use an inside joke with the audience, or just base it off of the character of the guesser.
  • Even during final guessing, the suitors should respond in character.
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