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Having failed a multiple choice Anthropology quiz about the Iroquois and other such things, Nablo made the fatal mistake of leaving his marked paper in BRNG 2280 on the evening of Friday November 5, 2005. This was, of course, the evening of a weekly meeting of the Purdue Improv Club in that same room.

That night's emcee was the illustrious Jeff "Spanke" Spanke. During various segues throughout the night, Spanke would refer to this individuals failure to answer multiple choice questions correctly.

Were it not for a suggestion from a Purdue Improv Club regular, this inside joke could have just died here, but before a game of Interrogation the suggestion was given that Chris Nablo be the identity that Spanke and Matt "No Need for a Nickname" Dennig convey to prisoner Paul "CMG" Kuliniewicz.

Enter Facebook

The fate of this joke was sealed when Tripod and Jamie created the Chris Nablo Honors Anthrotopology Study Group on Facebook.

Use in Improv

Chris Nablo has come to represent the stereotypically lazy student at Purdue University, and has been referenced as such occasionally. These include


Chris Nablo also won the Chris Nablo Award for contributions to anthrotopology [sic] in the first ever Annual Ship of Fools Awards.

The Prize Pool

At one point, the Chris Nablo fan group on facebook had a pool going to determine who could most accurately guess the day when Chris Nablo would locate the group. Here were some of the guesses:

  • Joey Steenbergen guessed it would take 1 second.
  • John "Freshman/Tripod" Tubergen guessed it would take 4π days.
  • Paul "CMG" Kuliniewicz guessed it would take 2 weeks.
  • Jamie guessed it would take 15 days.
  • Ryan "T-Rex" Garwood guessed it would take until the end of November 2005.
  • Jenny Wilson guessed it would take until the end of Christmas break. (Early January 2006)
  • "Big Ben" Wissel guessed it would take until the end of Spring Break. (Mid March 2006)

This pool was actually dissolved when it was clear that much more time passed than anyone had guessed without Nablo finding the group. The $2 bill which was to be the prize was ritualistically left as a tip at the IHOP.

He Knows

On Saturday, March 31, 2007, Jenny Ford received a phone call from none other than Chris Nablo. He has found the group, which shall now be relocated to a new group: Chris Nablo: Funnier than ever, and aware of it!

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