Chain Murder Mystery

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This game is a mime and gibberish game.

Number Of Players

This game is played with 4 people.

Suggestions Taken

Three suggestions are taken for this game and they follow the acronym L.O.W. - Location, Occupation, and Weapon. Typically the suggestions taken are unusual for a real crime - instead of a butler (occupation) killing in the library (location) with a gun (weapon), it would be something absurdly silly like a dog groomer (occupation) killing with a Rubik's cube (weapon) in a wig factory (location).

How It Is Played

This game is a hybrid of the board game Clue and the party game Telephone. Three players leave the room, one person stays to hear all of the suggestions (LOW). This performer then conveys to the next person via mime and gibberish all three clues, one at a time. When they get each clue, they audience lets them know by tapping their temples and saying "ahhhh". When all three clues have been conveyed, the audience chants "kill him (or her)", and the newest performer then "kills" (pantomimes some violent action) the old conveyor. The audience chants "murder" three times, and the next performer enters and repeats the cycle. This continues until everybody has had a chance to convey the clues (except for the last person, who only receives the clues).

At the end, the host lines up the performers and lines them up in the order they entered. Starting from the end (the last participant), the host asks each performer to name the initial suggestion, starting with the Location (asking all the performers), then the Occupation, then the Weapon. If they get it, the audience is instructed to cheer and scream (as if their grandmothers had won an Olympic medal). If they don't get it, the audience snaps and says "nnnnnnno."

The goal is for all performers to have fun and entertain the audience. A secondary goal is for all three suggestions to be conveyed flawlessly to the last person.

Tips For Performance

  • If you need to, review the suggestions in your head between segments.
  • If you forget a suggestion, don't fret! Make something up and keep the pace of the game flowing.


  • Chain Merger Mystery - this variant created by John "Cowboy" Clawson is a business themed version of CMM. Instead of LOW, the suggestions follow the format Medium of Exchange, the Business/Corporation found guilty of insider trading, and the Industry they were trading into. Audience responses include "buy" when the clues are conveyed and "fire him!" when the next person is called in. For the final portion, the audience calls out "bonus!" when the performers get it right, and "...outsourced!" if they get it wrong.
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