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'''Original members include:'''
'''Original members include:'''
*"Cap'n" Jeremiah "J.T." Redbeard
*[["Cap'n" Jeremiah "J.T." Redbeard]]
*Scott "Chips Ahoy!" Yost
*[[Scott "Chips Ahoy!" Yost]]
*Colin "Long Plank" Reindl
*[[Colin "Long Plank" Reindl]]
*Josh "The Buckler of Swash" Jersild
*[[Josh "The Buckler of Swash" Jersild]]
*Jon "Word Ninja" Heffley
*[[Jon "Word Ninja" Heffley]]
*Chuck "em into the Brig" Allen
*[[Chuck "em into the Brig" Allen]]
*Paul "CMG" Kuliniewicz
*[[Paul "CMG" Kuliniewicz]]
*Matt "No Need for a Nickname" Dennig
*[[Matt "No Need for a Nickname" Dennig]]
'''Other former crew members are:'''
'''Other former crew members are:'''

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The Ship of Fools is the performing and traveling branch of the Purdue Improv Club. This branch was founded in 2002 by 8 college students.

The original troop mostly spent their time performing for each other for fun. This eventually led to performing shows for the public and the formation of the Purdue Improv Club.

The current Ship is very different from its fledgling form. Now consisting of 10 members, they have performed in Crawfordsville, Miami of Ohio, Michigan State University, and Hammond IN. They frequently perform in and around Purdue's campus, but can always be found in BRNG 2280 on Friday nights.

Current Fools

Current Officers

Past Fools

The Ship of Fools has a rich history with many vibrant characters who have graced the troop.

Original members include:

Other former crew members are:

  • Chandler "Stowaway" Murch
  • Kevin "Last name Withheld for National Security Reasons"
  • Scott "Klaus" Parker


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