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Warm up game, but can also stand alone.

Number Of Players

This game is for 2-8 people.

Suggestions Taken

No suggestions are taken.

How It Is Played

One person is sitting at a bus stop, waiting for the bus. The remaining people wait in a line off stage. The first person in line enters embodying some character or doing something which causes the person sitting at the bus stop to leave. They then sit down and the next person must make them leave and so on.

Tips For Performance

  • If you are the one waiting at the bus stop make sure to watch your timing while leaving. If you wait too long and the person has spent their joke you have no reason to leave, if you leave too early they might not get a chance to do anything.
  • If this game is played multiple times, patterns will arise. Steer away from obsessive compulsive cleaners, escaped convicts, or Bible salespeople as these are frequently done.
  • Think outside of the box. You don't have to scare the person away, you can make them uncomfortable or aware of global warming or religious, whatever you want to make them leave.


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