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Blind Date is a guessing game, and a scene game.

Number Of Players

Blind date is played by three people, a waiter and two daters.

Suggestions Taken

A suggestion is taken for the location or theme of the restaurant,and the identities of each of the daters. The waiter does not know the location/theme of the restaurant (they leave the room when that suggestion is taken), but they know the identities of both of the daters. Each dater knows the location/theme of the restaurant, and the identity of the other dater, but they do not know their own identity (they leave the room when their identity is being determined).

How It Is Played

Two people go on a blind date, at a restaurant with a waiter. The daters do not know who they are, and the waiter does not know where they are. Each player attempts to guess who they are, or where they are if they're the waiter, based on clues given by the other players. Once everyone has figured out who they are, or where they are, the daters ask for their checks. The daters confirm their identities by signing their checks, following which the waiter will thank them for coming to "blank" restaurant.

Tips For Performance

  • When dropping clues, start off subtle and gradually get more obvious.
  • Once you think you have figured out your identity, don't overtly state it. Until the very end, of course.
  • For example, if think that you're Chester Cheetah, don't say "I am Chester Cheetah". Instead, do something more in the vein of "(terrible pun). Yeah, I'm dangerously cheesy."
  • If the other players have their identities figured out and try to ask for the check, but you need more time/clues, feel free to ask for dessert. This applies to both the daters and the waiter.
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