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Orchestrated arc game
Orchestrated arc game

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[edit] Category

Orchestrated arc game

[edit] Number of players

Six to eight (one conductor)

[edit] Suggestions Taken

Something for each player to complain about, other than the conductor.

[edit] How it is Played

The conductor warms up the orchestra, then cue them in whatever order/combination he desires. When cued, a player complains about his/her assigned topic. The game usually ends with a performer "crescendoing" with a passionate outburst upon the conductor's cue.

[edit] Tips for Performance

  • Make consistent eye contact with the conductor.
  • If you have a good crescendo planned, let the conductor know via body language.
  • Don't combine too much if you don't have a good ear for blending.
  • Try to find cues for raising pitch, volume, pace, etc.
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