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Warm up

Number Of Players


Suggestions Taken


How It Is Played

All players form up in a circle with one in the center. The person in the center will point to any person in the perimeter and yell one of two things. 1: The can yell "Show me <anything>!" In this case, the person being pointed to, and each performer on either side, must convey the <anything> before the person in the center can count to five. If any one of the three fails to do so, that person trades places with the person in the center and continues in same process. The second option is the center performer can call out "Bippity Bippity Bop!" In this case, the person being pointed at must say "Bop" before the person in the center does. Failing to do so results in the outside performer and the center performer trading places. In the case that the center performer stays in the center, they repeat the same process, with the <anything> portion changing. If at any point someone on the perimeter calls out "Bop" without the initiation of the center player, they then trade places with the center player.

Tips For Performance

  • Especially fun suggestion can become recurring
  • Each of the three people can take up similar or very different rules for a suggestion
  • Try to incorporate sound and movement in every action
  • To increase game pacing, the "5 second rule" can be implemented. The perimeter must react before the center can count to 5.
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