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Benji "Hallway" Milanowski is a Psuedo-Jew. He joined the Ship of Fools in 2003.

First Show

Benji's first show was a Coffee at the Crossroads show in 2003. Coffee at the Crossroads was an event sponsored by and held at a local church.

Alternate Nicknames

Benji is one of the only Fools with an ever changing nickname. When Benji wrote his bio on the Ship of Fools website he implemented the nick name "Sea Doc" to correspond with the other seafaring nicknames of the other Fools. Benji was rarely, if ever, addressed as Sea Doc. During the same evening when Paul "CMG" Kuliniewicz was named CMG, Benji had several nicknames suggested to him including Phies (a contraction of Four-Eyes) and Steve. None of these nicknames were well received and much like Sea Doc, were rarely used. Benji is currently and often addressed as Hallway or occasionally Sergeant.

Officer Positions

Improv Strengths and Weaknesses

Personal Life

Benji is often known to carry around a Leatherman multi-tool, a flashlight, and other MacGuyver-esque items on his person. He is a collector of ecclectic items including a cane with a sword in it, a Nalgene water bottle with custom cut Camelbak straw, and a PEZ dispensor in the shape of a pistol. In addition to his strange allure to the eccentric Benji also has an affinity for playing Pac Man and Tetris and will often reference old arcade and 8-bit NES games. One of Benji's more prominent examples of this was a PowerPoint presentation about how Pac Man would look if painted by different artists. Much to the chagrin of Andy "Quasar" Ober Benji performs magic tricks. Benji initially went to Purdue for electrical engineering but changed his degree and dropped out of Army ROTC after his freshman year to general health sciences and forensics. He received his first degree in Forensic Science from Purdue University in 2006. He currently is enrolled in an accelerated Nursing program for his second degree. Is frequently seen studying at the Village Coffee Shop, wearing headphones, biking, or some combination thereof. He is the Second of Ryan Garwood. He is from Valparaiso, Indiana and lives with three very fine ladies in his Chauncey apartment. Benji worked part time in the Purdue Flow Cytometry lab from 2003 until his graduation in 2006. Benji also worked as a camp counselor at Camp Calcium during the 2006 summer.

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