Becky "Cha-Cha" Krause

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==Officer Positions==
==Officer Positions==
Communications Officer: Spring 2012
*Communications Officer: Spring 2012
*Captain: Fall 2013 - Current
==Improv Strengths and Weaknesses==
==Improv Strengths and Weaknesses==

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Becky "Cha-Cha" Krause joined the Ship of Fools in January 2011. Becky was asked to join the troupe shortly after the Fools adopted her from a nearby animal shelter. The nickname "Cha-Cha" was given to her by Steve Martin and others of One Size Fits All fame. Though the name stuck, the Fools refer to Becky as "Krauser" while off stage.

First Show

Cha-Cha's first show was at Windsor Residence Hall in February 2011.

Officer Positions

  • Communications Officer: Spring 2012
  • Captain: Fall 2013 - Current

Improv Strengths and Weaknesses

  • Favorite games: Party Quirks, Clockwork
  • Strengths: Speaking/ quirk games and snarky cleverness
  • Weaknesses: Sound effects, melted butter

Personal Life

Becky is majoring in Computer Engineering at Purdue University. Her long term aspiration is to become an old cat woman.

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