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Team, Competition, Song game.

Number Of Players

Eight split into two teams of four

Suggestions Taken

Single syllable names

How It Is Played

After suggestion is acquired, the teams will “battle” Beastie boy style. The beginning of a lyric is led by the first person in line on each team, and the second part is shouted out by the rest of the team, but not said by the team leader. This goes back and forth, volleying from team to team till one leader fails to convey a new rhyme to his team. At this point, the leader rotates back to the end of his team’s line, and the next person steps up as the new leader and the host gets a new name. Continue this till one team has cycled completely through.

  • Example: Name: Ann
  • Line: “I KNOW this GIRL and her NAME is” “ANN!” with rhythm and emphasis following the caps.


  • A boom, chee, a boom-boom chee.
  • A do-rap rap-rap, a do rap rap!
  • Team 1 line, ending in suggested name
  • A do-rap rap-rap, a do rap rap!
  • Team 2 line, ending with word that rhymes with suggestion
  • Repeat from *, alternating teams until one team fails to present a new rhyme
  • Acquire new suggestion and start over from
  • Team 1 is whichever team last missed a rhyme.

Tips For Performance

  • As team leader, let your sentences lead to the rhyme clearly
  • Use your mime abilities to help convey while you speak.
  • When calling out the rhyme, do so with gusto.
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