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This is a scene game. It is also set up like a guessing game, but it should be known that it is NOT a guessing game.

Number Of Players

This game is for 5 players

Suggestions Taken

Each player gets two suggestions; an instrument to play and a personal quirk or problem. Also a band name is acquired.

How It Is Played

With all five players still in the room, the host gets a name for the band and possibly a song title. Then all but one person leaves the room. That person is given a part in the band (instrument or vocal part: this could be anything). That person then leaves and another person comes in. Do this for all five players. Then call the entire band in. The players play the scene, writing the song, playing music, and intereraction, all the while alluding to their personal quirk. When the game ends, each player may announce their quirk. Note: this is not a guessing game.

Tips For Performance

  • Since this is not a guessing game, a player does not need to convey understanding to the other players. Instead, allusions more closely resemble inside jokes with the audience.
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