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13. [[Moving People]]
13. [[Moving People]]
14. [[Scenes from a Hat]]
14. [[Scenes From a Hat]]
15. [[3 Things]]
15. [[3 Things]]

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The Andy Ober Orchestra (AOO) Shows are a pair of shows featuring the improv comedy of the Ship of Fools and the musical stylings of the Andy Ober Orchestra. Held in Matthews 210, these are large profile events and are considered one of the flagship performances of each school year.



Typically, the Ship of Fools warm up the crowd and perform for approximately one hour. After a brief intermission, the AOO takes the stage for a series of classic and original parody songs.


The Set List

1. 2 Person Story

2. Dating Game

3. Deaf Interpreter

4. Hesitation

5. 60 Second Alphabet

6. Chain Murder Mystery

7. Bitch Concerto

8. Freeze

9. Press Conference

10. Moving People

11. Irish Drinking Song Pyramid

12. That's How it Really Happened

13. 3 Things

Memorable Moments

  • Before Dating Game started, Paul mistakenly called Alex "Alice." While suggestions were being given as to what Alex's unusual occupation would be, Wesley "Tab A" Allen blurted out from the audience: "Cross-dressing as Alice."
  • Matt's process during Dating Game was "Passing a Stone." His opening joke consisted of him driving up in his car, rolling down his window and saying, "Hey Jagger!" and driving past. Get it?
  • During Dating Game:

Bachelorette Ashley: "Bachelor #3, I'm very into animal rights."

"Yosemite Sam" Cowboy: "Well I don't."

Ashley: "You don't?"

Cowboy: "Not at all."

Ashley: "Perhaps let me rephrase the question."

  • During Deaf Interpreter, reporter Ryan described the new James Bond character as a "non-British, blond, skinny, very un-suavo character," to which Benji mimed Adolf Hitler.
  • It was learned that Cowboy does not know the difference between a "hatmaker" and a "haberdasher."
  • While miming what he thought was Columbus' three ships but was actually "The Mayflower" as the Chain Murder Mystery location, Matt showed the white man landing in America and literally flipping the bird to the Indians.
  • All 3 CMM guessers mimed their killing of the preceding conveyor with duct tape, which was the actual weapon used.
  • In Bitch Concerto, Stu began bitching about stew with: "What's my beef with stew? Well I'll tell you!"
  • Not knowing what "The Transformers" were, SOG's opening joke during Bitch Concerto: "Twenty mile-an-hour winds, a little drizzle, and I lose my power. Who builds these transformers anymore?!"
  • Finishing up bitching about the wheel, Spanke said: "Wheels killed my mom. Lots of wheels. And she died three weeks later in a hospital near Wheeler, Pennsylvania."
  • During Freeze the number of people playing the game at one time on the stage went from 3 to 6 to 8. Scenes during this period included a DNA double-helix, a football huddle, and Stu saying, "Who decided we should be monkeys in a bucket for Halloween?"
  • During his Press Conference, Spanke correctly guessed he was MacGyver who had evaporated all the oceans.
  • Andy Ober Orchestra keyboardist David Bugher graciously provided musical accompaniment for Irish Drinking Song Pyramid.


The Set List

1. 2 Person Story

2. Director

3. Party Quirks

4. Deaf Interpreter

5. Irish Drinking Song Pyramid

6. Hesitation

7. 60 Second Alphabet

8. Swinging Pendulum

9. Beastie Rap

10. Press Conference

11. Chain Murder Mystery

12. Freeze

13. Moving People

14. Scenes From a Hat

15. 3 Things

Memorable Moments

  • SOG literally diamond cut Cowboy to the floor as a WWE Wrestler during The Director.
  • To avoid more bodily harm to Cowboy, T-Rex stepped up as his stunt double during the third scene of The Director. Despite this, Cowboy was kicked back down to the floor by SOG, who had feathers for hands.
  • To remedy T-Rex's fear of his left foot, Benji offered to cut it off and said, "Come here, I"ll treat you like a leper."
  • While reporting on Donald Trump, T-Rex said that due to stock-market influctuations, "Donald Trump was forced to auction off and mortgage his extensive, uh, wife, property..."
  • Benji jumped off the stage four times during Deaf Interpreter.
  • After somewhat resounding requests for WalMart as the location for Hesitation, which was then used, the location of WalMart was then shouted loudly again for Swinging Pendulum by Wesley "Tab A" Allen.
  • During the French Revolution scene of Swinging Pendulum, SOG and Kyle "Sweet Speak" Dejute were about to kill unknown French figure Beard. *Kyle fired her gun just as Alex was asking Beard if he had any last requests. The scene basically went:

Alex: "Any last--"

Kyle: [BOOM]

Alex: "Nevermind."

  • John "Freshman/Tripod" Tubergen won 4 consecutive rounds of Beastie Rap for an incredible comeback win.
  • With Andy seated right behind him, SOG asked Tripod questions during Press Conference in full Andy Ober character, resulting in several outbursts of laughter from the audience. This probably clinched his winning of the Best Impersonation Award for 2007.
  • Stu "BO" Ogle attempted to convey "Can Opener" as the CMM weapon to SOG. SOG, however, thought he was conveying the top of the can itself and not the opener. At the end of the line-up, SOG and Stu jokingly debated:

SOG: "I asked you, you pointed to the can!"

Stu: "No it was the opener!"(?)

SOG: "No you didn't convey that!"

Stu: "We'll discuss it later!"

  • In a grocery store scene during Freeze, T-Rex was scanning all the magazines that Benji had purchased:

"Playboy, Hustler, Better Homes and...Sir, can I see your ID? Can I get a price check on Better Homes and Gardens magazine!!"

  • During Freeze Stu mistakenly called the Greek mythological figure Atlas by the name of Atlantis. The line went:

Stu: "I'm new to this whole Atlantis, er it, yeah Atlantis thing. Where you hold the planet."

  • This caused at least 3 of the Fools to put their heads in their hands.
  • Scenes from a Hat

Things you wouldn't say to someone on their death bed.

"If I squeeze the IV bag your eyes bulge!"

"Listen I hate to bother you with this, but Joey needs bail money; he got arrested for underage purchase of Better Homes and Gardens."

"BEEEEEP...oh sorry that's my phone."

"Don't worry I'll be there to console your wife after this whole thing is over!"

Lessons that are not taught on 'The More You Know'

"Atlantis was the lost city under the sea. Atlas was the titan that held up the Earth."

"There is no statute of limitations on murder."

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