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Andrew "Peace" Blatt joined the Ship of Fools in the Fall of 2006. The nickname "Peace" was bestowed upon him by John "Cowboy" Clawson during a weekly meeting one Friday. The origin of the name lies in the Joe's Crab Shack "Peace, Love, and Crabs" shirt he was wearing at the time. Along with Peace came childhood friend Eric "Beard" Talbert. The two were inducted into the SoF because they showed great potential especially in certain improv games such as If You Know What I Mean. Peace's talents have grown over time and he has become a masterful storyteller in the game Slideshow.

First Show

Andrew's first show was the Earhart Hall Show on November 17th, 2006.

Peace for President

At some point immediately before a game of 1000 Blank White Cards, at Applebee's it was conceived that should Peace make a run for President of the United States. He could not lose, because who can vote against peace? Ever the progressive, Peace declared that if he were to run, he would choose as his running-mate an 80-year-old black woman, and if elected his first act as president would be to resign. It was later realized the Peace would ultimately be defeated by his opponent, Free Beer.

Realizing that Free Beer was the only weakness to his campaign, Peace decided, upon further reflection, to make sure his 80-year-old, black, female running mate would, in fact, be named "Free Beer." Thus the unstoppable campaign slogan became "Vote for Peace & Free Beer."

Officer Positions

  • Webmaster: Fall 2007 - Spring 2010
  • Captain: Fall 2008 - Spring 2009


  • Being the first actual Fool to edit the original SoF-pedia
  • Never visiting the Middle East
  • Winner of the Rookie of the Year Award (2007)

Improv Strengths and Weaknesses

  • Favorite games: ALL THE GAMES
  • Strengths: Everything, including an uncanny resemblance to Matthew Broderick
  • Weaknesses: Overconfidence

As in many aspects of his life, Peace is somewhat unsure of himself when it comes to improv. He is aware that he is competent in a very nebulous sense. However, he doesn't like to be pinned down. Peace is known for cheesing off older Fools by leaping up for games he's never even heard of, in hopes of finding a specialty. However, specialization has never been Peace's strength, in anything.

Personal Life

Andrew is currently studying Religious Studies at Purdue. Andrew works as a professional enabler, selling vast quantities of alcohol at Bar Barry Liquors on the weekends. He is from Kokomo, IN. Strangely, Andrew has strong aspirations to become a writer, though he is reluctant to admit to them, even to himself.

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