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Alex "SOG" Semchuck joined the Ship of Fools in February 2006. His early appearances at the Ship of Fools Weekly meetings were marked by his outrageous mane of hair (see picture below). It was from this hair he was appointed the nickname "SOG", or Son of God. Ironically, SOG cut his locks off to their current state about a month BEFORE he was asked into the Ship of Fools, but he still received the "Son of God" title.

First Show

Alex's first show was the Science Olympiad Show on March 25, 2006. Fun fact: It was the largest Ship of Fools show ever, attended by over 1,000 people at Purdue's Elliott Hall of Music.

Car Troubles

During his time as a Fool, SOG has had notable trouble with automobiles. Despite logging over 3,000 miles between Lafayette and Hammond during 2005-2006, his 1994 Corolla was totaled in Lansing, IL - less than 10 miles from his house - in May, 2006. Most recently, during the 2006 Halloween Party, Alex parked his 2003 Corolla in the Wood Street Parking Garage. At around 9:30pm, a Jeep Grand Cherokee with a smoking engine pulled in and parked next to his empty car. The resultant explosion consumed his car in a gigantic fireball. Insurance replaced it with his current car, the Yaris. Alex will gladly boast of its gas mileage at any time. Amazingly, SOG's Yaris has already had a near run-in with destruction. On the way back to West Lafayette after The Towle Theater Performance, John "Freshman/Tripod" Tubergen's soccer mom van nearly smashed into the Yaris while the two vehicles slipped and slid on one icy, snow-covered Northwest Indiana interstate exit. It is unknown how close the two vehicles came, but the object in SOG's mirror could not have been much closer than it had appeared without it actually ramming the car. All in all, Alex has been involved in 6 car accidents in his life - 3 of which have resulted in totaled vehicles, and NONE of which have been his fault!

Officer Positions

  • Communications Officer: Fall 2006 - Spring 2007

Improv Strengths and Weaknesses

Personal Life

Alex achieved his Bachelor's in Mass Communication from Purdue in August 2007. He is currently pursuing his Master's in Communication at Indiana State University in Terre Haute, IN. Among other things, he teaches two sections of Communication 101 for ISU's COMM Department. Alex hails from Hammond, IN, is noted for his lovely singing voice, love of the band Collective Soul, and the Chicago Cubs.

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