60 Second Alphabet

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This is a timed, special-skills scene game

Number Of Players


Suggestions Taken

Location, relationship, conflict, etc., and a letter of the alphabet.

How It Is Played

The players start a scene with a line who's first letter is that which was taken as the suggestion. The scene continues with lines alternating between players and starting with the next consecutive letter of the alphabet (after Z, go back to A). The game ends when the suggested letter starts a second line. Additionally, the scene must take less than 60 seconds, or the scene will be stopped.

Tips For Performance

  • Focus on your next letter during the other players line.
  • Try to make the scene linear with logical flow.


  • 60 Second Permutation - the letters are written behind the players, and they must start a sentence with each one once each, but in any order. Letters are generally struck out once used.
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