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This game is a mime and gibberish game. Due to its difficulty, it can also be considered a skill game.

Number Of Players

This game is played with 3 people.

Suggestions Taken

Three actions are taken from the audience, usually in the categories of something done everyday, once a month, and once in a lifetime/year. Then two things are changed in that activity. For instance, tying your shoes but instead of shoe laces it is string cheese and instead of the souls of the shoes it is Tom Cruise.

How It Is Played

Three activities are taken from the audience, then two things in each of those activities are changed (see above). Two performers then have three minutes to convey, using mime and gibberish, to a third person the activities and things changed in each. Between each activity the host asks "(Guesser's name) what are you doing?" at which point they will say the activity and the things changed.

Tips For Performance

  • Review the activities and things changed before beginning. This makes sure the performers have the right ones and the audience can try to remember them all.
  • Convey things one at a time. Start with the activity itself then move on to each change, showing clearly what is being changed and into what.
  • A visual or vocal clue can be used to indicate understanding on the guesser's part. The Ship of Fools uses pointing at the temple with a sound of "Ahhh".
  • When conveying, work as a team. This often means playing different parts in the scene being created to build it more completely.
  • Be aware of the time limit.


  • 3 Things has also been known to be played with only 1 thing or 5 things.
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