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This is a scene game.

Number Of Players

Each scene requires two people, however this is often played with two lines of people with the first two in each line performing the scene and then cycling to the back of the line.

Suggestions Taken

No suggestions are taken.

How It Is Played

A scene is performed in three lines. Person A enters and says one line, person B responds, and then person A ends the scene. If this is being played with two lines of people person B leaves then person A becomes person B and a new person enters to start the scene.

Tips For Performance

  • Typically the three lines are used in this fashion. Line 1 sets the scene. Line 2 provides a conflict or problem. Line 3 solves the problem.
  • Try not to start the scene with a question.
  • This is a great tool for showing conciseness and allows for a lot of scenes to be gotten through in a short time. It often yields a lot of interesting and strange locations and characters.
  • Be sure to stop at three lines. A surprising number of people have problems with this.
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