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Luke "Lucky" Poole joined the Ship of Fools in Fall of 2008. The nickname "Lucky" was bestowed upon him by, among others, Steven "Angel Hair" Saltsman during a trip to drop Jamie Weigandt off at the Indianapolis International Airport. The origin of the name comes from his history of vehicular troubles, culminating to his power steering being shot in the parking lot of the old Indianapolis International Airport parking lot on Labor Day weekend.

First Show

Lucky's first show was an Earhart dorm show in Spring '08.

Officer Positions

  • Captain: Fall 2010 - Spring 2011
  • Treasurer: Fall 2011 - Current
  • Troupe Ho: Fall 2012 - Current

Improv Strengths and Weaknesses

Personal Life

Lucky is a Junior in Psychology (hoping to graduate Spring '12), and eventually wants to get a PhD. in Clinical Psychology. He teaches Communicating Across Cultures (AGR 201) and does research on psychopathology. He hails from England originally, and lived for two years in the United Arab Emirates, but now his family lives in Lynn, IN. When not on stage, he's either hanging out with friends/girlfriend or enjoying a nerdy pursuit or two.

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