"Cap'n" Jeremiah "J.T." Redbeard

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Graduate student Jeremiah Thompson discovered an ancient map during a meeting of the Purdue Improv Club. In following this map, he discovered the Spirit of Old, who bestowed upon Jeremiah the name Cap'n Redbeard. Not knowing what, exactly, he was the captain of, Jeremiah returned to Purdue Improv Club. One weekly meeting, after all but eight members of the club had left, glowing radioactive pirates jumped out from behind the divider walls. The club members fought bravely and dispatched the pirates, but not before being bitten and mutated into half-student, half-pirate super-heroes. Suddenly, Jeremiah understood his destiny and took command of the Ship of Fools.

First Show

The captain's first show was the Vienna Bar and Bakery Show in 2002, the first show for the Ship of Fools.

Officer Positions

The Original Captain

Transformation of the Group

Jon "Word Ninja" Heffley writes:

Where would Purdue Improv Club be without Cap'n Jeremiah J.T. Redbeard? Probably back in the stone ages, when we would just try our best without any kind of direction or real organization. He evenhandedly turned us from a motley crew of Fools into a cohesive group that has maintained its momentum in his absence.

Truly he is a great man.

Improv Strengths and Weaknesses

  • Strengths: Being mysterious

Personal Life

The Captain lives in seclusion, as no current Fools have significant contact with him. Perhaps one day he shall return, or at least Paul or Matt will tell us more of his legend.

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