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They’re Too Old For This Ship

The Ship of Fools are feeling a mixture of excitement and utter terror at the thought of losing two of our seniors to the big, bad, adult world.

Yes, loves, in May, we are bidding “fairwell” and “good luck” to Becky “Cha Cha” Krause, and Leah “Vinyl” Hedrick.

Friday, April 4th, 2014

Matthews Hall, Room 210

8:30 P.M.

See, I told you everything would be back to normal before you knew it.

So, we’re about to say a bunch of mushy stuff about our retirees, so if you don’t want to cry, we suggest you look away at this time. Just remember the time and date of the show, and join the Facebook event.

Dear Becky and Leah;

During your time in the troupe, each of you have left a distinct mark on the history of the Ship of Fools. Each of you have left us with some great memories, and we cannot thank you enough for them.

Now we have to watch you leave and go into the real world. Whether you go sailing across the world, or just across the Wabash, our performances will never be the same without you.

Keep in touch, visit when you can, and try to bring joy to whoever you meet.

~ The Remaining Members of the Ship of Fools