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Three For One, 2014!

What do you get when you combine the Ship of Fools, Ad Liberation, and One Size Fits All into one night of improv comedy? A winning hand.

Saturday, April 26th
7:30 P.M.

The Civic Theatre of Greater Lafayette

$5.00 per ticket.

Ad Liberation and the Ship of Fools, two of the on campus improv groups, team up with One Size Fits All, the Lafayette short form based group, for one night only! It’s a great way to relax before Dead Week, where professors aren’t supposed to assign anything, but we all know that they will.

We hope that you’ll make it out to support your favorite Fools! Join the Facebook event!

Humor Artists at Purdue!

The Ship of Fools are pleased to announce that we will be hosting Notre Dame’s premiere improv comedy group, The Humor Artists, here at Purdue University!
We are so excited to work with this very talented group!

Saturday, March 29th

Stanley Coulter, Room 239

8:00 P.M.

The Humor Artists, also known simply as HA, is the premier improvisational comedy group of Notre Dame’s campus. The group is made up of a combination of undergraduate and graduate students from both Notre Dame and Saint Mary’s College. While back in their natural habitat, the group performs short form improv at the Legends Nightclub, the Carey Auditorium, and Washington Hall.

The Ship of Fools is a … well, you know what we do. If you don’t, come out to this show to find out!

Now, now, I know what you’re going to say. “But, Fools, don’t you mean ‘Friday’?!? Your shows are always on Friday! And what about MTHW 210?

With us hosting a group from another university, Saturday works better with our busy school schedules. After-all, we do this funny stuff for free. We need jobs when we’re done entertaining you all, so classes are kinda important.

As for Matthews Hall, it was, simply, already booked when we decided to have our friends at Purdue. It’s okay, though, because I guarantee we’ll be back in MTHW 210 shortly thereafter. Possibly even the following week. I’m just sayin’.

So join the Facebook event for our evening of funny with Notre Dame’s Humor Artists!

2G2BT: Ad Lib & SoF Joint Show!!!!!1!!

OMG, this is 2G2BT and 2G2B4G!!!!!!1!!!

Ad Liberation and the Ship of Fools are having some FTF time and performing together! I mean, CMIW, but that’s CSA!

Okay, I’m going to stop typing like I’m smashing my face against the keyboard.

Your favorite Purdue robots and sea-faring pirates are teaming up to bring you all of the improv comedy you could ever want! The night will consist of short form games the way that only the Ship of Fools can bring them, the unique style of long form specific to Ad Liberation, as well as a few joint games between the troupes.

To Sum Up:
FREE Improv Comedy
 Friday, November 8th, 2013
TIME: 8:30 p.m
WHERE: Matthews Hall, Room 210

ICW to see all of your shining faces in MTHW 210! TTYL!

Thanksgiving Dinner

Guess who’s coming to dinner! 
And by dinner, we mean to an improv comedy show.
Here’s a hint. They’re smart, gorgeous, and recognize quality comedy when they see it.
Can’t figure it out?
It’s you!

Friday, November 16th, Ad Liberation and The Ship of Fools are teaming up again! This time, for a Thanksgiving Extravaganza! Both troupes will be performing in Matthews 210, at 7:30, showing off their improv skills for your amusement!

So even though their won’t be roasted turkey or cranberries, there will be so much laughter, you won’t miss that other stuff.

Join the Facebook event!

Check out Ad Liberation!