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2014 – 2015 Year in Review

We have been super busy this year. We have performed all over the Greater Lafayette area and beyond. Our members have juggled both their school work, and performing on a monthly basis. We come from so many disciplines: engineering, agriculture, pharmacy, education, biology, etc.. Yet we come together to perform improv comedy for the Purdue University student body. We couldn’t be more proud of each other.

But of course, we wouldn’t do any of this if it weren’t for you guys, our friends and fans.

Thank you so much for all of your support over this past year! It’s been a great one! We hope to see many of you when we return in the fall, and for many years to come!

Hidden Words

Hidden Words

Hidden Words

Final Spring ’14 Open Forum

Well, things are finally starting to wind down on Purdue University’s campus. The days keep getting faster and faster, and final projects are being thrown together. Students are sending a few things home with their parents, roommates are sick of seeing each other, and the promise of summer is only two weeks away!

That means it’s time for one final “Huzzah!”
The Final Open Forum of the semester is here!

Friday, May 2nd
Beering Hall, Room 2280
7:00 P.M.

Join the Purdue Improvisation Club and the Ship of Fools in saying ‘goodbye’ for the summer! 7:00 in Beering Hall, Room 2280. It promises to be a night full of awesome surprises, food, and extra fun.

Also, we’re taking another survey to see how people are feeling about Open Forum this year. It’s very short, and completely anonymous. We’d love for you to fill it out and give us some feedback.

Three For One, 2014!

What do you get when you combine the Ship of Fools, Ad Liberation, and One Size Fits All into one night of improv comedy? A winning hand.

Saturday, April 26th
7:30 P.M.

The Civic Theatre of Greater Lafayette

$5.00 per ticket.

Ad Liberation and the Ship of Fools, two of the on campus improv groups, team up with One Size Fits All, the Lafayette short form based group, for one night only! It’s a great way to relax before Dead Week, where professors aren’t supposed to assign anything, but we all know that they will.

We hope that you’ll make it out to support your favorite Fools! Join the Facebook event!

We Are All Fools In Love

That’s right, children, the Ship of Fools are back, and ready to perform for your love!

Oh, and did we mention that we have three new sexy members that will be performing as Fools for the first time ever that night? ‘Cause we do, and they are.

Free Improv Comedy Show

February 14th, 2014
8:30 P.M.
WHERE: Matthews Hall, Room 210

It’s time for you, our lovely audience, to fall in love with Quintin “Qdoba” Hacker, Emily “Boots” Gruss, and Billy Louie! They are our three newest, talented performers, and they’re ready to fight to the death for your approval! But by “fight,” we mean perform, and by “to the death” we mean for an hour.

If you didn’t catch that day before, it’s February 14th! So bring a date! Laughter is known to be the perfect way to grease the wheels and get you that goodnight kiss*.

We’re not gonna discriminate against our single comrades, though. Bring your mother! Aunt! Grandfather! Whoever you want to spend some time with at our show! And if you come alone, we’re going to love you just the same. Someone else could come alone, too. Just imagine what could happen…

So be sure to come out on Friday! Join our Facebook event, and let us know if there are any games you’d like us to play in your honor!

**We think it’s true, but we don’t have any other sources other than Reddit.

Spring ’14 Call-Out!

We had a really successful first Open Forum of the semester, with all sorts of new faces, and returning members! Because of that, we’re even more excited to announce our call-out date!

Purdue Improv Club:
Come to WATCH. Come to PERFORM.
Come to LAUGH!

WHEN: Friday, January 31st, 2014
TIME: 7:00 – 9:00 P.M.
WHERE: Beering Hall, Room 2280

The Purdue Improv Club strives to create a no-pressure atmosphere that allows anyone to come out and try their hand at improv comedy. Anyone who wants to learn how to perform improv, this is the place for you!

Don’t think you want to perform? This is still the place for you! The more people who come and watch, the better! And, who knows, maybe we’ll convince you to give it a try!

We are also very proud that many of our members are part of two different performing troupes on campus, and they got their start at Open Forum! So if you’re thinking of wanting to join a performing group in the future, this might be the place for you to test the waters.

We are so excited for the coming semester, and hope you are too! Be sure to ‘like’ us on Facebook, and join our event! We look forward to seeing faces, new and old, at the call-out!