Show Planning FAQ

Each semester we receive many requests for us to put on improv shows at various places and for various groups, be it on campus, off campus, or even out of state! As you might expect, we’re frequently asked the same set of questions about what it takes to hire the Ship of Fools to perform.

This page is an attempt to answer some of those questions. Of course, if you’re wondering about something that isn’t listed here, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

So, what is it that you do, anyway?

We are a student-run improvisational comedy troupe from Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana. We specialize in short-form improv, which is the sort of thing you see on Whose Line Is It Anyway: a rapid-fire series of short games and skits, all of it made up on the spot based on suggestions from the audience.

How long do your shows last?

Our performances usually last about an hour, though we’re flexible on that. We can accomodate almost anything between half an hour and 90 minutes.

How much do you charge for a show?

That all depends on the venue you’re offering, the audience you want to entertain, the organization hiring us, distance from campus, the phase of the moon, etc. This is definitely the sort of question you should contact about directly, since there’s no one-size-fits-all answer.

Besides money, what else might you need?

As a general rule, we’ll need chairs on stage for each performer, as well as a sufficient supply of bottled water. Depending on the venue, microphones may also come into play.

Also, food is always appreciated. We *are* college students, after all.

I want the Ship of Fools to perform on Frankuary 37, 20X6. When should I contact you to set up the show?

We very much prefer if you can contact us at least three weeks in advance of when you’d like the show to be. That gives us enough time to make sure we have enough people available to perform and to work out all the little details. You *might* be able to get away with less notice, but then you run the risk of our own personal schedules getting in the way.

How much planning do I need to do before contacting the Ship of Fools?

We’ll need to know where you want the show to be at, what kind and size of an audience you expect there to be, and about at what date and time you want to have it. We can help you decide on details like a specific date and time, length of the show, etc.

OK, we’ve got a show scheduled. Are there images I can use on my advertising or promotional materials?

Definitely! Our logos page has some high-resolution graphics you can use.

What about background on the Ship of Fools?

Feel free to borrow whatever you want from our history of the group and member bios. If you prefer information that’s less brazenly fictionalized, contact us and we can provide it.

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