Kay “Nugget” Ghering

Fighting Style
Agni Kai
Blood Type
Birds, Muse, bad YA novels and Pixar movies
Favorite Improv Games
Chain Murder Mystery, Space Jump, and 60 Second Alphabet.
Writing bad YA novels, sewing, and goofing around in Photoshop.
Expelled from the womb in the then small town of Lincolnshire, IL, Kay spent the first ten years of her life mucking about in snow, mud, and puddles before she and her family migrated to the arid wasteland of Scottsdale, AZ. Sensing a deep need to return to her midwestern roots, Kay then journeyed to Purdue University where she now studies 3D Animation and mucks about with the Purdue Improv Club. Her strength stems from her ability to weave words in games that require a quick tongue, but a curse renders her lethargic and confused about where her limbs should go whenever she sets foot in a scene.
Humorous Biography
A new Fool had been brought aboard; she was tall, brown haired, and extremely entertaining, but nothing stood out enough for the pirates to fashion her a pirate themed name. One night, it was the greenie’s turn to prepare the hooligans a meal. Without thinking, she butchered one of Nebraska’s beautiful chickens, and fried it up into bite-size pieces. The Fools dined with delight, and were impressed by the girl’s culinary prowess. Finally, someone asked where she had stolen the chicken from. She responded, “I didn’t steal it, it was already on board.”
Everyone fell silent, and slowly turned to lay eyes on Nebraska, as her eyes welled up with tears, and she let out a horrendous scream. Of course, the new Fool felt terrible, and Boots tried to comfort her. Nebraska determined that the young one should never forget the treachery, and from hence forth called her by the meal she had prepared: Nugget.

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