Emily “Boots” Gruss

Fighting Style
Fits of Laughter
Blood Type
Cartoons, musicals, and tiny animals wearing socks
Costuming, singing, PC gaming
Emily is a mechanical engineering student from Kalamazoo. Though she spends her weekdays in class, doing homework, and playing League of Legends instead of doing homework, she spends her weekends dabbling in the art of Improv Comedy. All other free time is spent shining her boots.
Humorous Biography
Boots was not Boots’s original name, but her original name is impossible to pronounce, as it’s in Shoelish. Her origins are as yet unknown. Some think she was left beneath the forest canopy behind the cobbler’s abandoned house. Others believe she materialized there, sprang up from the roots into the mist. What we do know is that the boots took her in. They raised her as their own until such time that she was able to join human society, which is where the Fools found her. Many believe that Boots, due to her upbringing, will never die. She will only wear in the heels until a day when she will be put to rest in the bottom of the closet.

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