Taylor “The Turtle” Daine

Kokomo, IN
Spring ’09
Communications, History
Music Theory
Napping, spinning in swivel chairs
Personal Hero
Fred Rogers
Favorite category of this bio
Favorite category of this bio.
Life plans
Live; die; eat sandwiches along the way.
Fighting Style

Take It and Move On 
Blood Type


Whale, raw 

Swimming, Gardening, Preparing Sushi 

Deep in the arctic, The Fools were in search of those glittering prizes that form the Northern Lights. During an evening that seemed to be going along swimmingly, they got stuck in the ice. It seemed that there had been a piece of ice jutting out below the surface. The crew hopped overboard and began to chip away at the ice near the bow of the ship. Some fifteen feet below the ice, the Fools connected with a hard, grainy surface. Booty. The Fools started to blast away the ice with powder, melt it away with oil, and toss it using their bare hands. The surface turned out to be far larger than any treasure chest they’d seen before. A pattern emerged. Then an edge. After two full days of labor, the fools set to the process of warming their find. So ingratiated was he, Taylor, the 150 foot turtle, that he pledged to join The Fools in their merriment, and escort them in warmer waters.

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