“Lucky” Luke Poole

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Fighting Style
Swing Blindly 
Blood Type


Dice and money 

Gambling, tea, and general risk taking 
Humorous Biography

The Ship pulled in to port in hopes of getting supplies. They swash-buckled,  pillaged, plundered, and haggled. After a long day of saving money, they retired to an inn to see about getting rid of it. After reveling for a time, gossiping with the locals, and making merry, a few of them glanced over to see a man lightly fingering a deck of cards. For once these salt encrusted sea dogs decided they would be playing fair. Their first futile mistake. After clearing the pockets of a number of the Fools, a new plan was in order. The Fools would continue to play, but this time they’d be cheating. This was their second error. After a few more hours of cheating desperately and losing miserably, they found that among the IOUs, this man had managed to win their hearts. They agreed that he should join the crew, and then proceeded to shanghai him.

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