Kyle “Kyves” Reeves

Fighting Style
Brawl of Cthulu
Blood Type
Rush, Naps, Christian Bale, the Old Republic Setting, Tali Vas Normandy
Favorite Improv Games
Shoulda Said, Word Rations, Shakespeare
Collecting Vinyl albums (slowly)
Swing Dancing (poorly)
Rewinding and watching over that scene towards the end of Alien where Ripley gets down to her skivvies in order to enter the cryo-stasis pod, but then has to fight the alien again. (repeatedly)
Born in Indy, Kyle lived in Atlanta, GA for a handful of years, and then relocated finally to the small Indy suburb of Zionsville. In high school, he did some things, but none of those things were improv, so butt out. At the end of his Freshman Spring semester, Kyle saw the glory that is a Fools’ performance, while dining on free Hotbox delectables, at Owen Hall. There, he locked eyes with an auburn headed jester possessed of a rad, jazzy, jive in his step. Then, like an American Band, the Fools proceeded to tear Kyle’s metaphorical Hotel down. Wishing to know more about that randy band of laugh gatherers, Kyle headed to Open Forum. The rest, they say, is history. Nowadays, Kyle takes multitudinous naps and listens to Rush at least once a day so that he may be well rested and inspired enough to improvise at the drop of a hat.
Humorous Biography
Bored from lack of pillaging, the Fools went about playing some of their favorite pirate games. Some became enthralled with hopscotch on the starboard side, others were more interested in Yahtzee being played by the helm, but the majority of them started up a poker game below deck. This was no friendly activity, though, as the Fools were betting some of their most prized possessions. Vinyl wagered her lemons; Nebraska put up one of her finest chickens; and Tropak risked his very name.
For five nights and six days, Fools slowly gambled their possessions away, until there was only Tropak and Qdoba left in the tournament. They both believed they would win the final hand. Unfortunately for Tropak, only Qdoba was correct in his assumptions, as he beat Tropak’s royal flush with five aces. Qdoba was thus allotted the power to rename the now nameless pirate. Combining the pirate’s surname with Christian name, the name of Tropak was no more, only the infamous name of Kyves remains.

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