Krystle “Reaper” Smith

Fighting Style
Blood Type
Fiddle playing, Cards, Ezekiel 37: 1-14, etc.
The fools were adrift in the dead sea. Each of the crew was becoming mad with cabin fever. The helmsman cried that he saw a rider on a pale horse, and proceeded to steer them into the gaping maw of a whirlpool. At the bottom was nothing. Nothing but dry dirt and a skeleton. She was playing a hand of dominos against her other hand. She was winning. The Fools called out in desperation to the Reaper. While she was distracted, her other hand knocked the tiles to the ground. The game being over, Reaper reattached her hand, and beckoned that the water stop. She grabbed hold of a cannon portal’s rim and floated up with the boat. The Fools decided that the best option was to bring Reaper on board and, in exchange for her duty on the ship, they would never demand her employ as harbinger of death onto their own person.

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