Kate “Nebraska” Borders

Fighting Style
Foghorn Leghorn
Blood Type
Gymnastics, Soccer, Seth MacFarlane, SNL, Ice Cream
Favorite Improv Games
I Love You, Three Things, Switcharoo, and Shoulda Said.
Eating ice cream, studying chickens, looking at clothes way out of her price range.
Kate is an Animal Sciences Major with a concentration in Biosciences, and she hails from Battle Creek, Michigan. She found the Purdue Improv Club while going through a club bazaar, and TB threw a plethora of flyers at Kate when she asked for one extra to give to her roommate. At the end of that same semester, she was invited into the troupe by the woman that had pelted her with paper. She is known for calling people by pet-names, and for knowing the most obscure facts about poultry, specifically chickens.
Humorous Biography
Not realizing their mistake, the Fools managed to find themselves in the middle of the United States! The band of pirates were confused by such narrow passages of water. Looking to the banks of a river, they saw a girl fetching water for her birds. Lucky, Cha-Cha, and Snaps, flying down the side of the ship using ropes, snatched up the girl and brought her aboard. Even with their gruff treatment, the girl remained cheerful, and told the pirates how to get back to the ocean, offering to remain with them until they reached their destination.
Over the next few months, the girl captivated the crew with her knowledge of the land, wit, and poultry cooking abilities. After feasting, on their final night together, they prepared to have the girl walk the plank. But as she took her final steps, the swashbucklers had a change of heart. They then toasted to their new friend, and Fool, Nebraska.

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