Josiah “Ginger Snaps” Telschow

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Fighting Style
Twist and Shout
Blood Type
Drawing, theater, and singing
Favorite Improv Games
Clockwork, Voice of God, Super Villains /Heroes, Anything involving characters
Josiah is a ginger, not only that but a rather well dressed one himself having a softspot for vests, hats, button up shirts with stripes and the oddly recurring theme of blue throughout his wardrobe (If you ask him he will have no answer of to why, it just sort of happened.) He was found wandering through the campus club’s fair his freshmen year where Steven “Angel Hair” Saltsmen along with other fools spotted him by his clothes ( and the fact that Josiah had heard of the group and had sought them out so its sort of a two way predestination really.)
Josiah is a Fine Arts Major with a concentration in Illustration with a minor in Theatre (formerly work an Acting Major) and currently lives in Wiley dorm with his best friend since elementary school and talk comics and Power Ranger/Japanese Special Effects Shows (ie Kamen Rider, Super Sentai) and how much Spongebob annoys him every time its on. He currently works for the Purdue Exponent as a Senior Graphic Artist and a bi-weekly cartoonist for the Comic Strip Pathos and Nonsense which has been his college short term dream since before freshman year. Being an illustration major and handy with Adobe products, Josiah designs posters for the group. And they are awesome.
Josiah is the 4th child of a family of 8, him being the oldest of the youngest group of 3 out of 6 children. His oldest brothers have graduated from Purdue with his brother Lewis currently enrolled and his youngest brother hopefully on the way as well. He grew up in Wakarusa, Indiana, a quaintly small town in Northern Indiana known for its annual Maple Syrup festival, the sizable population of senior citizens,The Amish, and that president visited the local RV manufacturers here once (Like the President of the United States, THAT President!)
Humorous Biography
Going to their favorite inn, the Fools set to wet their tongues. Upon entering the hostel, they noticed a well-dressed man sitting in a high backed chair, his hair as orange as the fire that burned in the fireplace beside him. Intrigued by his appearance, they approached the man. He hummed a cheerful tune, oblivious to the pirates surrounding him. Turtle cleared his throat, startling the ginger only slightly. Looking about, a broad grin spread across his face and he tipped his hat to the few ladies in the crew. He began to speak and the scoundrels became extremely amused with his many dialects and mannerisms. Looking to one another, they snatched up the man, leaving the inn. They boarded the ship once more, and continued to be greatly charmed by Snaps.

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