Jeremy “Falafel” Starks

Fighting Style
Vaapad Lightsaber technique
Blood Type
Mispronouncing things wrong, the anti-joke, outlandish characters
Jeremy is going to Purdue for English Education. He came out to the first Open Forum of his freshmen year and before long fell in love with improvisational comedy.
After attempting to study engineering, Jeremy decided the field was beyond his comprehension. So he decided to pursue Pop-Culture References study, with a focus in obscure references. So get your Shrim cleansing as you watch Little Dancing Man, and let’s Check It Out!
Humorous Biography
After pillaging around the Arabian Sea, the Fools headed into the Red Sea, and took port in Egypt. They were amazed by the varying foods offered by the port merchants. Following their noses, the Fools found a tall man, selling a form of fritter. After trying a few “free samples” the Fools asked for the recipe from the, thus far, silent man, to give to their cook.
“I’m afraid I can’t tell you that. It’s my recipe, and I won’t part with it.”
The Fools were angered, and they drew their scabbards, but the man wouldn’t give up his creation to an inferior cook. “Hoy,” Chaos piped up, “We haven’t got a cook! He was thrown overboard last week. Let’s just take the whole thing!” The other crew members quickly agreed, and rallied together to capture the man.
Back aboard the ship, the Fools convinced the hulk that life would be fun with them, and they called him by his amazing creation, Falafel.

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