Gavin “Motz” Pugh

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Mechanical Engineering
Future Plans
Be Tony Stark
Joined Fools
Spring 2010
Rochester, NY
Laptop Size
Number of Houseplants
Explanation for extended absences every few months
Wouldn’t you like to know 😉
Favorite Rule of Fight Club
Neck Accessory of Choice
Humorous Biography
Europe seemed the perfect location for a holiday, so the Fools docked the ship in a port of the Mediterranean Sea. While exploring France, they came across the region of Rhône-Alpes. The Fools, not used to traveling by foot, went to take a rest in a nearby inn. Once they had convinced the inn owner that they would be staying for free, the Fools sat down to have some grub. A lanky waiter rushed to their table and gave the pirates a big grin. Expecting to have to tell the boy to fetch them refreshments, they were very surprised when food started to fall from the server’s pockets. This gave the merry pirates a great laugh, and they asked for the server to join them at their table. After much drinking, and some consumption of the food that had fallen from the lad’s pockets, the pirates retired.
The next morning, the Fools started down the trail back to the wharf. They hadn’t gone far when they realized they were being followed. They drew the swords and spun around, only to see their wait staff friend. The Fools were overjoyed by the surprise, and brought their friend back to the ship, calling him ‘Motz’ after the commune they had discovered him in.

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