David “Mewtwo” Felts

Fighting Style
Go for the throat
Blood Type
Times New Roman
Bands you’ve never heard of, speaking in accents, Binge-watching television shows
Favorite Improv Games
Clockwork, Freeze, Love/Hate
Doing homework because he’s in Pre-Pharmacy
David came to Purdue from just outside of St. Louis, where he often visits penguins and watches baseball. He’s majoring in Pre-pharmacy because he hates himself but loves money. He has a red car.
Humorous Biography
Sitting, motionless, on the high seas can play tricks on the mind. Turtle and Nebraska gazed out at the seemingly endless sea, when they both saw the figure of a man, dancing atop the water. They thought it a mirage until Falafel joined them, and he too saw the character. They steered the ship toward the hallucination, only to find the tiniest island of all the seas, with a rather tall man standing on it. The Fools were amused by the chap, who was wildly gesturing with his hands and making wild “Ooo” sounds. They thought him a mute, if it hadn’t been for the gibberish. For lack of creativity, the Fools decided to combine his personal characteristic and his signature sound, and named him Mewtwo.

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